Whenever I’m on vacation spending time with my family, I always manage to find chocolate while we’re running about. Today, I found Damak at Target!


The dark chocolate with pistachio bar immediately reminded me of when I reviewed Karam Bitter, but this bar tasted a lot sweeter than Karam. The bar did not give a sharp snap when broken apart and overall the chocolate itself was soft. The pistachios gave a pleasant crunch, almost like almonds but also softer in texture. The pistachios were a little hard to detect flavor-wise, and the sweeter-than-expected dark chocolate was the dominating flavor. I have to admit. I wasn’t in love with it :/


The milk chocolate with pistachios, on the other hand, was more pleasant! The chocolate itself had the same soft texture and lack of snap, but I could detect the pistachio flavoring much better. Maybe the lighter, sweeter flavoring of milk chocolate balanced the pistachios better. But I liked this one! My mom helped me sample both chocolate bars and we agreed that the milk chocolate was our favorite of the two bars. We immediately devoured the whole bar 😉

I’m seeing pistachio + chocolate combinations more often! Though I absolutely love hazelnuts and I always enjoy almonds and peanuts in my chocolate, pistachio is a nice change of pace. Maybe because of its green color I feel like pistachio helps set those chocolate bar combos apart from the rest.

Damak: Product of Turkey, Distributed by Nestle U.S.A.

2 thoughts on “Damak

  1. Estelle Tracy

    I was going to say this is a Turkish brand (my family is from Turkey, by the way, the word “damak” means “palate”)! Can’t believe you found these at Target, I definitely need to check them out at my local store!


    1. Thanks for sharing the meaning of “damak”! I was equally surprised to find these at Target 🙂 I’ve started to find Moonstruck bars (based out of Oregon) there as well, which I’m very glad to see.


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