Staying Local 3

If you haven’t read the beginning of my Staying Local posts, I recommend going there first, especially part 2.

Let’s move on!



John&Kira’s are not local to the D.C. are, but they made the trip down to the D.C. Chocolate Festival and were definitely worth checking out. They’re bee bonbons are so adorable!


These guys are caramel and honey filled bonbons. There was a sharp crack when I bit into them and I could taste the sweetness of both the caramel and honey. My siblings were with me to help try them out and my sister said they soothed her sore throat. So if you’re sick… maybe these could help 😉

John&Kira’s also makes these adorable looking mushroom, lady bug, flower and butterfly bonbons. If you’re thinking of getting some chocolate for your mom for Mother’s Day and want to get her something cute and different, I’d recommend these guys 🙂 After looking at their website, they kind of remind me of Harry & David but much, much better. They work with local, national and international farmers to gather their ingredients. You can read more about their partnerships with local growers here.

John&Kira’s: Made in Philadelphia, PA


Pomegranate Blueberry Bark?! Yes, please! Berry + chocolate combinations are always refreshing and make me thing of pleasant, warm weather 🙂 And honestly, this was my first time having bark with berries in them. I’ve only ever had peppermint bark, so this was a nice change of pace.


Once I opened the bag of bark, the smell of blueberries smacked me in the face, but it was really nice! Upon tasting it, I detected the blueberry as the dominant flavor and the pomegranate lingered in the background. The sweetness of the blueberry and tartness of the pomegranate was grounded by the dark chocolate. It’s easy to eat an entire bag of this stuff 🙂

Heritage Chocolates makes bonbons as well and lists the flavors on their website. Unfortunately ordering online is currently not an option. There’s not much on their website about them either. I think this means I’ll have to try to stop by there in person to try more of their chocolates 🙂

Heritage Chocolates: Made in Leonardtown, MD

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