Green Tea Kit Kats


I think I’ve mentioned green tea Kit Kats before on this blog, but I don’t think I’ve actually shown them.

I have a friend who is from the Phillipines and absolutely LOVES green tea Kit Kats. Unfortunately where she lives they are just not available. Since I’ll be seeing her soon, I’ve promised to bring some of this good stuff to her 🙂

For some reason I used to be able to find them at all of the Asian grocery stores in my area, but lately I’ve been having more trouble. Maybe they’re selling out faster than they can be restocked. But thankfully at a Lotte supermarket I was able to find a shelf filled with them. So I grabbed an armful of bags 😀


If you like green tea and having some crispy texture in your chocolate, these are perfect and very addictive! The flavor reminds me of a green tea latte. It’s creamy yet I can still taste some down-to-earth green tea flavor. I’ve almost eaten a whole bag in one sitting :/

Green Tea Kit Kats: Made in Japan by Nestle Japan

I want to add a note here that lately I’ve been putting out three posts a week on this blog, but I’m going to decrease that to two posts a week. Life has gotten a little busier and I can’t keep up with three posts anymore. What I’m very excited about is that the next several posts will be about chocolate made locally in the Washington, D.C. area! I attended my first official chocolate festival in early April and I made sure to obtain many chocolates to try and share on this blog. I hope you guys will enjoy them!


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