Chocolate Covered Matzo


Have you ever had matzo before? Usually I’ve had it at church during communion in place of the “bread” since it is unleaven, but I’ve also had matzo before simply as a snack. It’s dry in texture and bland in flavor. One can easily get tired of eating it.

But chocolate covered matzo.

That’s another story.

Whoever came up with the idea of chocolate covered matzo is a genius!

I tried Googling who invented this creation, but sadly the only interesting thing I found was a recipe for making it on a website called Woman’s Day. Did a woman help invent chocolate covered matzo? I wouldn’t be surprised 😉

I was browsing Target and found this gem in the clearance section. I couldn’t believe it at first. After I placed the box of good-stuff into my basket, I suddenly was confused why there were so many boxes of chocolate covered matzo for sale. The top corner reminded me that Passover was coming up where we are reminded of the time when the Israelites left Egypt and came out of slavery.



Maybe in our modern day a way to make Passover even more celebratory is to dump chocolate all over the matzo 🙂 I mentioned that matzo is dry in texture and bland in flavor? I actually kind of like matzo the way it originally is, but for some reason when it’s covered in chocolate, I can’t get enough of it! The chocolate is just plain dark chocolate, and there’s no added nuts or spices like I was seeing on other websites selling chocolate covered matzo. I like the simplicity of this one.


Rather then having all of the matzo crumble all over while eating it, the chocolate helped it stay together a little better. It added softness in texture and slight sweetness in flavor.

This stuff is good!!! Maybe Ritz crackers and saltine crackers should be covered in chocolate too 🙂


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