Dilettante Fruit Medley


I used to be able to find tubs of Dilettante’s fruity medley at Trader Joe’s, but now they sell their store brand version instead, which isn’t as yummy 😦 I had promised a friend that I would get them some of these chocolate covered fruits, and was so disappointed that I  couldn’t rely on Trader Joe’s anymore to find them. I miraculously found a couple of bags of this good stuff at Home Goods!



Because there are dried fruits inside, you feel like you might be a tad bit healthy eating them, even though it’s a lie you’re telling yourself 😉 The red balls are filled with cherry, the white with strawberry, the blue with blueberry and the orange with mango. My favorite is cherry, and I used to be able to find tubs of just the cherry ones at Trader Joe’s… (I’m still very upset 😦 )

I think that it’s not only the fact that there are dried fruits inside that makes me love these, but the texture combination of the hard shell of white chocolate on the outside, the softer filling of dark chocolate layer on the inside combined with the chewiness of the fruits makes me grab one piece after the other.

According to their website, Dilettante comes from a family history of pastry and candy making. The original idea for Dilettante came from a relative who hailed from Hungary and studied confectionery in various countries. He in turn greatly inspired his great nephew to become a chocolatier and create Dilettante. The fruit medley that I adore came out in 1991! They have a Mocha Café which I would love to visit some day especially since mochas are my favorite coffee drink 😀

Dilettante: Made in Seattle, WA


My boyfriend’s and my cat, Choco, decided to try to help me with taking photos of the chocolates. She was nosing around the Dilettante bag and then checked out the other bars I’d be trying next 😀 And yes, I am currently taking pictures using a white cutting board on the floor near natural lighting 😀



2 thoughts on “Dilettante Fruit Medley

  1. I think your photos always look really appealing – which I for myself find hard to achieve when it comes to food-stuff, especially when you’re not a professional food stylist or photographer. Using natural light, it’s sometimes hard to get the clarity and details I want, but using the flash makes everything look TOO detailed, sometimes too shiny and a little cheap, and sometimes even slightly gross. So I really appreciate getting a small insight into the way you take your pictures! Actually, I’ve been wondering… do you use the camera from your phone or a “real” digital camera?


    1. Thank you for the compliments on my pictures! I use the camera on my phone to take pictures 🙂 I have an iPhone, if that helps. I like being able to crop my photos and change the lighting within the picture if needed. If I have to use unnatural lighting, I try to have light on at least two sides or angles to my chocolate to try to decrease glare and shadows as much as I can. I’m still experimenting with what I have 🙂

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