Japanese Green Tea Chocolates


Once again, while I was exploring the Mitsuwa Japanese markplace in Edgewater, NJ, I saw some green tea chocolates that I had not tried before. So I filled my basket with many of them 😉 This is what my basket looked like…

basket full of chocolate

The Hello Kitty chocolates were gifts for friends and my boyfriend has helped me eat all the rest of the chocolate so… I wasn’t the only one consuming everything!!! It’s so easy for me to wander down a chocolate aisle at Asian grocery stores and just start throwing things into my basket :/




I love how Japanese sweets are packaged and presented in a nice and neat way! The Dars chocolate has two layers of protection (foil and box) and the within the layers of packaging is a tray of neatly lined rectangles of goodness 🙂 I really like how you don’t have to take any effort to break the pieces of chocolates apart. The tray made it very easy for sharing so there was no worry of multiple fingers touching the chocolates at once. The green tea filling tasted very much like matcha green tea in that it was rich, grounded and bitter, but overall the chocolates were smooth in texture and pleasant to eat.



The Charlotte chocolates also slide out of the box in a little tray, except each piece is individually wrapped. Great for sharing or for grabbing some pieces on-the-go! Sadly this one did not become a favorite. The green tea filling didn’t taste as original as the Dars chocolate. Overall the chocolate tasted sweeter and lighter, but for some reason it left me with a weird tingle in the back of the throat. I’m not sure what could be causing that, but it doesn’t make eating the chocolate the best experience.



This box is small, cute and great for throwing into a handbag for whenever chocolate cravings strike! The spout on the top to get the chocolate out is a very unique design for chocolate and worked well. The balls of green tea chocolate reminded me of those chocolate “pearls” by Godiva, but I would take these over Godiva! The green tea filling wasn’t as rich as the Dars chocolate, but tasted more like green tea than the Charlotte chocolates. There were these light crunchy bits mixed in as well, though I couldn’t tell what they were since the packaging only contained Japanese characters. Overall I really liked these and I almost ate all of them in one sitting!

Out of the three, the Dars chocolate my top favorite since the matcha flavoring matched the closest to the real matcha green tea I know of. I really like the balance of the sweetness of the chocolate layer on the outside compared to the bitterness of the green tea inside. I wish I could find Dars at my local Asian grocery stores, but sadly that is not the case 😦





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