Chocorooms – Comparison


When I went to visit the Mitsuwa Japanese marketplace in Edgewater, NJ, I found two new types of chocorooms I hadn’t seen before. The yellow box of chocorooms I’ve reviewed before in an earlier post, but this time I’m going to try all three chocoroom types I’ve found and try to determine which one I like best.




Apparently this is the “adult” version of chocorooms because my boyfriend read some of the characters as “big person” on the box. The chocolate part tastes like dark chocolate and is slightly bitter. The biscuit tastes like a heavy toasted wheat cracker. Since I like chocolate from Meiji, I was glad to see that these were also made by them 🙂




This is Meiji’s children’s version of the chocorooms. I’ve tried several store brands and knockoff versions of the chocorooms, but Meiji’s version of the chocorooms have always been the best. The chocolate part tastes lighter and milkier while the biscuit is lighter in texture and flavor.



These are clearly a knockoff brand of Meiji’s chocorooms, but I figured I’d try them anyway. Immediately I did not like them. The chocolate part tastes fake, as though it consists mainly of preservatives and then colored brown. The biscuit part is ok, and that’s the only good thing I can say about it 😦

Overall, my boyfriend liked the adult version of Meiji’s chocorooms the best. I like them as well, but my preference still lies with the children’s version of chocorooms since they are sweeter 🙂

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