Vosges Caramel and Stout Truffles


I was browsing Vosges’ website and saw their caramel collection that look yuuuummy!!! Since it was right before St. Patrick’s Day (yeah, this is a very late post), I decided to throw in some of their stout truffles to try as well 🙂


The whole box of the stout truffles was covered in plastic, so you know that freshness is important to Vosges.



The outer shell of the truffles was hard and the chocolate gave a pleasant sharp crack when biting into them. I could immediately taste the bitterness of the dark chocolate and cocoa powder and a hint of the Guinness inside. The praline filling was melt-in-your-mouth and smooth in texture. These were very good and I would definitely keep them in mind for next St. Patrick’s Day! My bf helped me eat them in two sittings. It was hard not to inhale the whole box at once 😉


The way the caramel collection was packaged was very cute! A little bit of ribbon kept the whole thing tied together. It’s like you know you’re opening something special.


There were recommendations for what drinks could be paired with each type of caramel, but since there was an entirely different drink assigned to each caramel, I figured it wasn’t worth the effort to try to obtain said drinks. But if you have the time and effort to try it, I imagine it would heighten the experience.


The whole thing splits apart into two levels. Both levels contain the very same caramels so you basically get double the amount of caramels. This was great because I was sharing this with my boyfriend and instead of having to split each caramel in half for sampling, we could each get our own chunk of caramel.


So I will say that one big downside to this was that each set of caramels was wrapped in plastic and I had to pop them out of the box, unwrap them, and try to fit them back into the box. I was successful in getting the top level back into the box, but not the second level. The wrapping is clearly to ensure the chocolate stays fresh, but putting the caramels back into the box to make it look as pretty as the picture on the website didn’t work out so well.


The bottom level of caramels contained a map and list of what each caramel was and what flavors they contained. Super helpful!!!


Isn’t that pretty to look at?!?! Minus that second level not sitting as snugly in the box. I gave up attempting to shove it back in.


It was sooo helpful that each caramel had a little bit of their add-in ingredient sprinkled on top so it was easy to identify what it was compared to the map. That was especially helpful in reorienting the caramels after unwrapping and trying to shove them back into the box. I decided not to take pictures and cut apart each individual caramel piece because I was too eager to try them 😀 I’ll list the flavors and what my boyfriend’s and my thoughts were, but basically we started at the very top and went clockwise from there if you want to use the above picture for reference.

Pink peppercorn + tart cherry: pink peppercorn, dark chocolate & freeze-dried cherries

  • Definitely tasted the crunch and strong flavor of the peppercorns right away.
  • The secondary note was the sweetness of the caramel mixed with cherry.
  • The bf tasted the cherry along with the peppercorn in the first bite and really liked this caramel!

Turbinado sugar + pecan: pecan, vanilla extract, milk chocolate & turbinado sugar

  • I could smell the vanilla extract before taking the first bite.
  • The vanilla flavoring was very strong, it was overall very sweet, and I could taste crunchy bits of sugar and pecan.
  • This one was tougher to chew, but overall I really liked it!

Blood orange hibiscus: blood orange, bitter orange liquer, dark chocolate & hibiscus powder

  • I was so excited to try this one since I already am in love with all other Vosges blood orange and hibiscus bars and sweets! This one did not disappoint. I first tasted a light hibiscus flavor followed by the orange flavor that seemed strong and slightly bitter yet sweet.
  • My bf tasted the orange and hibiscus at the same time.

Bee pollen + pecan: pecan, vanilla extract, milk chocolate & bee pollen

  • This one was actually included twice per level, so I won’t list it again even if you are following along with the picture above.
  • I could smell the vanilla before sampling this caramel, just like I did with the turbinado sugar + pecan caramel.
  • The bf said it tasted like the scent of flowers when the caramel is eaten with the topside down onto the tongue.
  • The pollen itself was soft in texture. I detected pecan in the aftertaste.
  • This caramel was very sweet and we both liked this one!

Cardamom + rose: rose water, dark chocolate + cardamom powder

  • Initial taste was of the cardamom immediately followed by rose, though the bf detected the rose first.
  • The rose flavor seemed very authentic!
  • I would say this tasted like spring because of the rose, though my bf said it reminded him of fall as well due to the cardamom.

Red Hawaiian salt: Hawaiian red sea salt & milk chocolate

  • The salt flavor was very obvious and tasted kind of smoky in flavor.

Maple sugar + walnut: Vermont maple syrup, walnuts, dark chocolate & maple sugar

  • We could smell the syrup from this caramel before sampling it.
  • The walnut flavor was mixed in with the sweetness of maple.
  • This quickly became a favorite for the both of us!

Cocoa nib + Brazil nut: Brazil nuts, dark chocolate & cocoa nibs

  • I could smell the nuttiness before sampling the caramel.
  • Once I bit into the caramel, I could see a thin layer of crunched up Brazil nuts in between the top chocolate layer and the caramel inside.
  • We both tasted the nuttiness of the Brazil nuts mixed in with the bitterness of the cocoa nibs. Both provided a nice amount of crunchiness.
  • This could be like a fancy version of a Snickers bar!

The nice thing about these caramels was the the extra ingredients were mixed in with the caramel and were not just sitting on top as you can see in the picture above. I will definitely want to order more sometime in the future!






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