Meiji Milk Chocolate


When I heard about the Mitsuwa Japanese grocery store in Edgewater, NJ, I knew I needed to go there someday. Being half Japanese and having grown up in New Jersey, it was surprising that my family and I hadn’t heard of the place until after we had moved!!! My mom was the most surprised (my Japanese half is from her ;)) and I hope that some day I’ll be able to help bring her there. I highly recommend stopping by there if you happen to be nearby!

My boyfriend and I had the chance to briefly stop by. Sadly we only had an hour to browse due to our schedule, but we would have wanted to spend a whole day there if we could. We especially would have wanted to take time to try out the freshly prepared food there since we both enjoy Japanese food. We did manage to grab a couple of rice stuffed squid made by someone from Hokkaido!

Since we had to drive a few hours to get there (and to get back), we knew we couldn’t bring anything perishable back with us. Thank goodness the temperatures on the east coast weren’t too warm because as you can imagine, I loaded up on chocolate 😀 I saw several chocolates that I’m thankfully able to find at my local Asian grocery stores, and others that were brand new to me. I saw way more green tea chocolates than I had ever seen in a single store! If you’ve read some of my previous posts, I LOVE chocolate + green tea combinations!!! I doubled up on several of the chocolates because I knew we would need snacks for the car ride back and for sharing on here 🙂

I’ll cover a couple of the green tea chocolates another time, but for now, I’m going to share more about Meiji chocolate. It’s not my first time sharing about them on this blog, but I keep finding different products by them and they are all delicious 🙂


I’ve talked about Meiji’s dark chocolate before, but I had yet to cover their plain milk chocolate! As always with many Japanese sweets, the presentation is clean and neat. The chocolate section slides out like you’re opening a drawer filled with secret treasures.


The chocolates are individually wrapped, which I’ve heard is supposed to help encourage portion control. That’s a little hard for me when it comes to chocolate, but it at least adds to the nice presentation! Individually wrapped chocolates also means it’s easy to share this chocolate with others.

This box must have been leftover from Valentine’s Day because normally there wouldn’t be all of these hearts on the packaging and wrappers. The taste is of creamy milk chocolate, and it’s hard to stop at just one piece 🙂 The chocolate has a nice snap to it and the texture is very smooth. Smooth enough that I barely noticed I had eaten half the box in one sitting!!!


The almond slice chocolates I had not tried before, though I’ve had Meiji’s chocolate covered almonds and I also recommend them 🙂


As a matter of fact, these almond slices were just like the chocolate covered almonds except that there’s more chocolate to enjoy! The same roasted nutty flavors dominated every bite. The crunch of the almonds was light and the milk chocolate equally as sweet and smooth as the plain milk chocolates above.

So I wanted to put in a little background and tidbits regarding Meiji, but for some reason I’m not able to find any really good stories. I did find a timeline saying that originally the company began back in 1906, merged with other companies throughout the years, and introduced their milk chocolate to the world in 1926. Their “almond chocolate” was introduced in 1962. These guys have been around for a while!!!

Meiji: Made in Japan



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