Bixby Bar


Many times when I wander into Whole Foods and I’m looking over what chocolates are available, something will catch my eye. The brightly colored wrappers of the Bixby bars called out to me and they were something new to try! They’re relatively small in size, but could work well as a substitute for a trail mix bar for snacking 😉


Strawberry, cinnamon, almond in dark chocolate.

All of these bars looked about the same to me, so smelling them really helped when I got them mixed up after taking photos! This bar definitely smelled a little spicy from the cinnamon and quite fruity from the strawberry. The texture was crunchy. Very crunchy. I was really confused at first because it wasn’t the same crunchiness that I would expect from almonds. The crunchiness was light and in every bite. On the back of all three bars, “brown crisp rice” is listed. I totally did not expect such a crunchy texture in these bars, but it wasn’t bad! I think the flavor combination wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t quite fond of all three flavors attacking my taste buds at once, but the flavor combination is interesting in a good way!


Currant, sea salt, hazelnut in dark chocolate.

This bar I liked a little better than the first one because I wasn’t attacked by all of the flavors at once. I also liked how the currant flavors married well with the taste of dark chocolate. The three flavors seemed to be layered well with the currant being more obvious, followed by the sea salt and finally by the hazelnut. The overall array of flavors reminded me of raisin granola bars.


Cherry, chipotle pepper, peanut butter in milk chocolate.

I could smell the peanut butter right away once I had unwrapped this bar! The texture of the chocolate seemed smoother compared to the dark chocolate bars. This bar also had the flavors layered in a more pleasant manner in that I tasted the peanut butter and milk chocolate first, followed by the chewy cherries and then the chipotle pepper slowly warmed up in my mouth. The spiciness of the pepper was a little strong for my taste, but once again, this was a unique combination in a good way!

The only big downside I see in these bars was that they seemed quite dry. Maybe they’re supposed to be dry? It could be that all of the brown rice in the bars took away what could have been smoother, moister textures throughout the bars.

I also noticed that every bar has a fruit, spice and nut. They were all very unique and interesting combinations! Maybe it is like a recipe that Bixby is following to assure that there’s at least one thing in their bars that people will love.

Though the dryness is a bit of a turnoff for me, when I went to another Whole Foods location I noticed that the shelf space was cleared off of all of the Bixby bars except for one. Apparently people are into them!!!

Bixby Bar: Made in Rockland, ME

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