Dylan’s Candy Bar


The first time I heard about Dylan’s Candy Bar was when my boyfriend went to a martial arts retreat in Michigan. He was at the airport talking excitedly on the phone with me about how he found a place with his name in the title. Of course that meant he had to try them! His personal favorite was their dark chocolate with espresso bar. He brought a couple of bars back with him for the both of us to try, but that was a while ago, so I forget what our initial thoughts were.

For the longest time we thought we might have to wait until he next went to Michigan to try their chocolate again because there were no Dylan’s Candy Bar stores in the D.C. area. They have shops in NYC otherwise and are based from there, but we currently don’t have the motivation to go up there at the moment.

Suddenly, we found them!!! We found them, of all places, at Neiman Marcus :/ Who would have thought?!

So, I’m going to start by saying that the bars didn’t blow me away in quality, but they are fun being colorful, great for kids and for inhaling when you an enormous chocolate craving suddenly hits.


  • smooth in texture
  • has a nice sharp crack to it when biting into it


  • doesn’t have hazelnut bits in it, but a thick praline filling
  • smooth in texture
  • I found this one to be very addictive though I’m kind of biased since I like milk chocolate + hazelnut combos anyway 😉


  • has bits of almond inside
  • I don’t really have anything else to say about it


  • smooth in texture
  • also gave a loud crack when bitten into



  • jelly-like filling that reminded me of those raspberry filled dark chocolates from Godiva
  • dark chocolate also had a snap to it


  • immediately smelled like s’mores
  • tasted like s’mores to the point where I could imagine myself eating that toasted marshmallow on a stick 😉 Well done, Dylan’s Candy Bar!


  • light crunchiness from the cookie bits inside
  • I don’t like white chocolate, so admittedly this was not my favorite



  • for some reason these chocolate pieces don’t say Dylan’s Candy Bar on top of them
  • immediately I smelled the espresso in the chocolate
  • definitely tasted and chewed on crunchy bits of espresso
  • pretty strong coffee taste! This has become a favorite and I can see why my boyfriend liked it so much!



  • gooey caramel!
  • I don’t have anything else to say about this bar either haha!



  • reminded me of Toblerone, except the toffee seemed saltier and smokier, if that makes sense
  • the toffee did not get stuck on my teeth, so I’m very happy about that!

Overall my favorite bars were the hazelnut, espresso, and s’mores. I LOVE hazelnut and I’m glad that this one didn’t disappoint. The espresso is now enjoyed by both my boyfriend and I. For coffee drinkers, this bar could be the equivalent of the morning joe because it’s very strong in flavor and clearly had a lot of espresso bits inside. The s’mores I was amazed in that it actually tasted like s’mores. I’ve tried other s’mores flavored chocolates before that didn’t reflected the flavor well.

If you’re looking for a sweet gift for kids or even something fun and different for yourself, try Dylan’s Candy Bar!!!

Dylan’s Candy Bar: Made in NY, NY


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