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Every one in a while I pop into my local Asian grocery story and I immediate wander down the cookies and snacks aisle. Is this a bad habit? YES. Because I end up finding new things to try, and even though my main intention would be to get only one or two items from the store in general, I end up standing in the checkout line with a basket mostly full of sweets. These Meiji snacks were some of the new products I had found 😉


I often rave about chocolate + green tea combinations. I fell in love with Vosges’ milk chocolate + mint + match bar, and I’ve shared a favorite of mine, Dolfin’s milk chocolate + green tea. In general, my favorite tea to drink is green tea. And if you love chocolate too? Meiji has catered to those of us who love the best of both worlds 🙂

I’ve tried a Japanese green tea chocolate bar before, but I can’t remember if it was by Meiji or some other brand. The major difference I’ve noticed between Japanese green tea chocolates and other non-Japanese green tea chocolates is that the Japanese bars tend to be green in color and they have a very strong green tea flavor rather than the milder flavor found in non-Japanese bars. This bar by Meiji held true to that. The bar was clearly green in color and the green tea flavor was very strong with even a grassy aftertaste. I really, really liked it! Even though the bar is technically white chocolate with a ton of matcha added to it, the flavor of the matcha was mainly what I tasted.


If you don’t like the flavor of green tea, I also recommend their strawberry bar! The strawberry flavor is very dominant, though I could taste some of the white chocolate in this bar.

What I find interesting about these bars is that rosemary extract is mentioned in the ingredients list. I’m not sure why that is. I can’t say I taste anything like rosemary in them.

I know that biscuits aren’t actual chocolate bars, but I thought I would include them because they clearly matched the chocolate bars.


I like the packaging styles of Japanese food products. They’re cute and it kind of makes opening the package a special moment 🙂 I should have expected that the biscuits would be individually wrapped. That seems to be quite common. I’ve heard that individual wrapping is supposed to encourage portion control.


So the biscuits here aren’t exactly individually wrapped. They come as two biscuits in one little cute packet. But it’s great for sharing! When I opened a packet, I kept one biscuit for myself and gave the other to my boyfriend.

The biscuits were a little dry, but the icing in the middle (just like Oreos!) added a little bit of smoothness and moisture. The green tea biscuits were delicious! If you were to squish the  green tea chocolate bar between the two cookie parts, that’s pretty much what this biscuit was.

IMG_3835It’s the same story for the strawberry biscuits. I actually think the lighter, sweeter flavoring of the strawberry went better with the dryness of the biscuit parts!

I liked everything here!!! Meiji has definitely become a favorite brand of mine 🙂 I hope that they’ll become available in more shops and not just in Asian grocery stores!

Meiji: Made in Japan

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