Theo (I can’t get enough of them!)


Usually I wander into Whole Foods with the intention of getting chocolate for someone else or to pick up my usual Lake Champlain milk chocolate bar. Ever since I’ve started this blog, I’ve always managed to walk out with a handful (or armful, let’s be honest) of chocolates that had caught my eye.

These were two out of the bunch I had picked out.

I’ve raved about Theo before regarding a Christmas chocolate and their usual everyday bars. But these looked very different from the rest!


The Congo coffee and cream bar caught my eye because the name includes where the cocoa beans came from. According to a brief paragraph on the back of the wrapper, the Democratic Republic of Congo is coming out of a time of conflict, and Theo alongside the Eastern Congo Initiative have decided to work with cocoa farmers in eastern Congo to produce this bar where the cocoa, vanilla and coffee used in the chocolate come from. Theo has been known to work with cocoa farmers, and it’s great to see that they are already helping where recovery is needed!

As expected from Theo, the milk chocolate in this bar was soft and very creamy. I could taste crunchy bits of ground coffee mixed into the chocolate. The coffee taste was strong, but not overpowering. The flavors in this chocolate tasted genuine and rich. I really liked it!!! In fact, I’ll snack on it when I’m feeling tired so I can get a caffeine boost from the coffee 🙂 I’m not sure if this is only a special edition bar, but it would be great if Theo continues to make it! I’d be a regular buyer 😉


The title “Forbidden Rice” on the front was what got me curious. According to the back of the wrapper, this is a special edition bar made with “Lotus Foods organic Forbidden Rice, a deep purple, iron-rich ancient grain fabled to ensure longevity.” I thought dark chocolate in itself would ensure longevity 😉 But we’ll try it anyway!

I was very, very sad to see that the bar had already bloomed, which means it started getting ashy white in color. The texture was fun to look at, and I figured I’d give the chocolate my best shot.

The bar did taste a little stale as the dark chocolate was dry and didn’t have the same smoothness that I’ve usually experienced with Theo’s dark chocolate. The first bite in gave a loud crispy crunchy. The rice itself tasted light and seemed small in granule size. It was like a rice cake had been crunched up into very, very small pieces and mixed into the bar. The chocolate itself had an acidic aftertaste. I think I would have enjoyed this bar more if it hadn’t bloomed. I’m not sure how long it was sitting on the shelf, but the expiration date says 05/2016. One plus is that the back of the wrapper says the bar is suitable for vegans.

At the very least try out Theo’s Congo coffee and cream bar! Support Theo and support the cocoa farmers in Congo!!!

Theo: Made in Seattle, WA


2 thoughts on “Theo (I can’t get enough of them!)

  1. Hahaha, same thing happens to me! Ever since I’ve started my blog, I come out of the store with two or three chocolate bars every time I go grocery shopping… It used to be “I feel like chocolate, let’s get one bar!”, but now it’s more like: “I think I’ll get this one, and this one, and… all of them! It’s for SCIENCE!” 😉


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