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I’m very excited to cover Jacques Torres chocolates because I had read about them in an article a long time ago and decided at that point that I needed to try them πŸ™‚ Jacques Torres only has store locations in New York City, so I was trying to figure out when I’d next be able to make a trip there. Then after many months with Jacques Torres in the back of my mind, I finally realized that I could have ordered their chocolates online this whole time!!! I was glad that I could easily have them shipped to my address, and also wondering what kept me from discovering this earlier :/ But the point is that I now have my hands on some of their stuff πŸ™‚


I want to mention that when I was in the process of ordering the chocolate, I was reading over the shipping rules, and I was glad to read that Jacques Torres takes good care in making sure their products get to their customers as fresh as possible and in good shape. Because it’s still pretty cold outside, I had no issues regarding melting. The Java Junkie bar and box of bonbons were well wrapped in paper and it didn’t look like anything could shift around. I was even able to pick what date I wanted my chocolate shipped to me, even if I didn’t want it right away.

I’m going to start going over the bonbons πŸ™‚ The box came with a card containing a mini printed map of a chunk of NYC showing where Jacques Torres locations were. The 12-piece box I ordered was called “Jacques’ Choice” and could contain a different set of chocolates from what was pictured on their website. That seemed like an element of surprise for me, which I liked πŸ™‚ There was also a mini booklet listing all of the chocolates that they make so it was easy to figure out what I actually received. I’m going to use bullet points to briefly list my thoughts on the chocolate. I’m also going to copy the written description for each of the chocolates straight from the booklet that came with the box.


Chai Tea – “Milk Chocolate ganache with Indian spiced tea.”

  • hard white shell
  • crunchy texture on the inside
  • creamy chai taste
  • very light and sweet aftertaste


This one was not listed in the booklet but it tasted just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You can even see the layer of jelly inside! This melted in my mouth and reminded me of elementary school days of eating white break with peanut butter and jelly that was smooth in texture. I really, really liked this one!


Wicked Fun – “Chocolate ganache spiced up with ancho and chipotle chilies.”

  • soft shell on the outside
  • there was a period of time for the chilies to warm up and burn in my mouth, but this one I actually enjoyed because the chilies weren’t overwhelming in spiciness
  • the warmth and burn of the chilies remained in the aftertaste
  • the dark chocolate ganache seemed bitter but the taste was balanced compared to the chilies


Heavenly Hazelnut – “Fresh ground hazelnuts in milk chocolate.”

  • very, very soft filling
  • slight crunchy bits in the filling from the hazelnuts
  • very smooth and creamy overall!



Pineapple Pastis – “Pineapple pate de fruit and Pastis licorice liquor with milk chocolate ganache.”

  • pineapple flavor came first, tasting a little tart like pineapple does, followed by the more bitter flavor of the licorice liquor.
  • texture was also very smooth
  • combination of the fruit and liquor in the aftertaste
  • the second picture is to show part of that pineapple fruit layer sticking out from the chocolate πŸ™‚


Love Potion #9 – “Jacques’ secret recipe for pure dark chocolate ganache.”

  • very smooth and rich ganache
  • dark, slightly bitter taste
  • reminded me of eating rich dark chocolate cake or mousse πŸ˜‰


Cappuccino – “A rich coffee caramel.”

  • gooey rich caramel with immediate taste of cappuccino flavoring mixed in.
  • cappuccino flavoring seemed a tad stronger than the caramel flavoring, but made it overall seem almost smoky in taste. Why can’t my morning coffees taste like this?!



Golden Espresso – “Rich espresso with a touch of gold.”

  • I had to include a picture of this bonbon before cutting it because I don’t think I’ve had a chocolate with gold on it before! I took time to appreciate that πŸ˜‰
  • very dark espresso taste as though I had put espresso grounds in my mouth but the texture was very smooth


80% – “Intense dark chocolate ganache with a high cocoa content.”

  • slight crunch from the piece of dark chocolate on top, unless that’s a piece of cocoa bean?
  • seemed slightly thicker in texture compared to the Love Potion #9 bonbon


Got Milk Chocolate – “Milk chocolate ganache with a kiss of cognac.”

  • very sweet, smooth ganache and could definitely taste a hint of cognac
  • seemed kind of Christmasy like eggnog


Fresh Coconut – “Fresh coconut suspended in white chocolate with dark chocolate.”

  • light crunchy texture from the coconut
  • sweetness of the white chocolate and coconut balanced the bitterness of the dark chocolate.


Chocolate Mint Tea – “Premium tea infused into a rich creamy center.”

  • hard milk chocolate shell with very soft filling
  • tea taste was immediate and light


I’m going to briefly touch upon the Java Junkie bar that I ordered with the 12-piece box of chocolates.



This milk chocolate with coffee bar tasted exactly as it’s named! The coffee flavor was very strong and I could even taste slight crunchy bits from the coffee grounds. The milk chocolate helped keep the overall taste from being too bitter. If I didn’t have time to grab an actual cup of coffee, this bar might suffice πŸ˜‰


All of the bonbons were excellent!!! I would definitely recommend a box of Jacques Torres chocolates as a gift or for personal chocolate tasting. All of the bonbons were unique in appearance and taste. None of them seemed boring at all. The Java Junkie bar was unique as well. I’ve had other chocolate + coffee bars, but this one had a LOT of coffee in it while remaining enjoyable. I look forward to trying more of Jacques Torres’ chocolates and maybe I’ll finally get myself to NYC to visit a store in person πŸ™‚

Jacques Torres: Made in Brooklyn, NY


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