With St. Patrick’s Day being celebrated this week (or tomorrow!), I figured that trying Butlers’ dark chocolate with Irish whiskey would be very fitting for the upcoming holiday 🙂 I found it at Harris Teeter alongside the milk chocolate with honeycomb crisp.

I’ve seen Butlers chocolate bars available at For the Love of Chocolate in Richmond, VA, as well, though I had always gotten them to mail out to my mom. This was the first time I was getting Butlers for myself!


The milk chocolate with honeycomb crips smelled like your usual milk chocolate bar, but I could see the bits of honeycomb inside without having to take a big bite out of it. The texture of the honeycomb was light and crunchy, very much like eating delicate toffee pieces in chocolate. The milk chocolate itself was creamy in flavor, though a bit dry. Despite that, it was hard not to eat the whole bar in one sitting 😉


I normally don’t drink whiskey or any of those stronger types of drinks, so I had my boyfriend help me try this one. The chocolate smelled simply of dark chocolate with a hint of whiskey. The first bite in and at first we could only taste the dark chocolate, but then the flavor of whiskey crept in and became more dominant. My boyfriend said the flavor reminded him of a whiskey he had tried before, but couldn’t quite put his finger on which one. He thought the chocolate had the smoothness of whiskey without the bite. Because I was able to handle eating a piece of this chocolate, I think that’s a good thing! This bar would be a great way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day during times when you’re unable to drink whiskey 😉

I definitely want to try more Butlers chocolate, and I know that there are other flavors available 🙂 The fun thing, especially regarding the dark chocolate with Irish whiskey, is that Butlers is made in Dublin, Ireland! Definitely check them out if you see them!



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