German Chocolates


My boyfriend had a chance to check out a German store in Falls Church, VA, called German Gourmet. Sadly at the time I wasn’t able to go with him (we definitely plan on going back!), but he brought some chocolates for me to try 🙂

I’ve covered Shogetten before, but that was only for their milk chocolate and strawberries bar. I don’t really have much to say about them, to be honest.

The milk chocolate bar was very creamy and had an additional sweet flavor to it, which I’m guessing was the vanilla extract included under the ingredients list on the back of the box/wrapper.

The hazelnut clearly contained many bits of chopped up hazelnuts, maybe to the point where it looked to be a 1:1 ratio of chocolate and hazelnuts, but I didn’t mind that at all since I love hazelnuts 🙂 This chocolate also contained vanilla extract, though it was a little harder to detect.

Both bars were good, though I might have a preference for the alpine milk chocolate. There’s something about the simplicity of a plain creamy milk chocolate bar that makes me enjoy them all the better 🙂


I was excited to try this bar since it was new to me! And I’m always excited when I can read German on the back of German chocolate bars. My German is basic level, but it’s a chance to challenge myself 🙂





Normally I can handle a couple of bites of bitter dark chocolate, but this one was especially bitter and acidic tasting. Just like how I don’t really like my coffee tasting very acidic, I can’t really enjoy my chocolate when I feel like it could burn a hole in my stomach. This chocolate, I know, is supposed to be very bitter, which I didn’t mind. It’s just the acidic part that kept me from eating more than one piece. The aftertaste was dry, but seemed more cocoa-y and more tolerable for my taste. I can’t say I was in love with this chocolate, and I’m sad to say that because I wanted to like it 😦

Schogetten and Schwarze Herren: Made in Germany



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