I’ve passed Dagoba by many times because I’ve only been able to find their dark chocolate bars in store, though their website shows that milk chocolate varieties are available as well. This one piqued my interest because it had lavender in it.


The inside of the wrapper talks about Dagoba having a relationship with the Rainforest Alliance to help preserve rainforests and biodiversity all over the world. The story sounds similar to the one I’ve read from Alter Eco.


The aroma of the bar was very strong of lavender and a hint of blueberry. It reminded me of the dark chocolate and lavender bar I’ve tried before by Dolfin. The first bite in and my mouth exploded with lavender to the point where I think even my sinuses were filled with the scent! I was glad to see bits of blueberry mixed into the bar, which offered some nice crunchy and chewy texture to the bar as well as add some sweetness compared to the bitterness of the dark chocolate and aromatic lavender. The dark chocolate itself was smooth and I felt like I could enjoy it on its own 🙂

When I first tried Dolfin’s dark chocolate with lavender, I think the lavender was a bit overpowering for my taste. If I had a cold, I wonder if the lavender could have knocked it out 😀 The scent in Dagoba was strong, but not overwhelming, so I was able to enjoy it more and appreciate the blueberry flavors in it.

What I do find interesting is that in the ingredients list lavender oil is mentioned. If I recall, Dofin used actual lavender pieces in their chocolate, just like their using bits of green tea leaves in their milk chocolate and green tea bar. Maybe the lavender oil is what makes the scent less overpowering compared to the real thing?

I’m glad I tried this bar despite my passing by Dagoba multiple times 🙂 I look forward to trying more of their chocolate now!

So… Hershey’s is seriously taking over everything. The back of the wrapper says Dagoba is now a division of Hershey’s. I’m a bit disappointed. I mean, as an American I will openly confess that I do not like the typical milk chocolate Hershey’s bar that our country is known for. I am learning about more and more chocolate brands that are under Hershey’s umbrella. I’ll still try their chocolates, but I hope it doesn’t mean that the quality of the better stuff will degrade over time :/





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