I found this bar at Wegmans and figured I would try it out because the word “goldenberries” caught my eye. I didn’t really pay attention to the large lettering on the top saying it was free of dairy and such…


There’s this list of what the bar apparently is free of regarding ingredients, and apparently what type of environment it’s made in. I’m guessing this is a checklist for those who are used to reading labels, but I read ingredients lists after I buy the chocolate 😉


Things looked promising at first! I was very glad that I was able to clearly see the goldenberries in the bar. There was a tart smell to the chocolate, but otherwise it smelled… fake. The chocolate snapped apart cleanly, but tasting it was not good. I don’t have any nut or dairy allergies, so this bar was awful for me. The texture was pretty dry. The taste was fake like imitation chocolate. The goldenberries were very sharp and sour in taste, but at least those flavors balanced the weird taste of the chocolate.

Personally, I did not like this bar at all. If you’re vegan and you’re desperate for chocolate, then give this a try! Otherwise if you have no dairy or nut allergies like me, you’re definitely better looking elsewhere for your chocolate fix.

Pascha: Product of Peru, Made for Pascha in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (this is what the box says)



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