Kit Kats From Asian Grocery Stores


Normally I’m not one to grab a bag or box of Kit Kats (with the exception of green tea Kit Kats – those were DELISH), but after my mom had sent me the two cute little Kit Kat bars, I figured I’d try out the box of what I’m guessing is dark chocolate Kit Kats I had found at a local Asian grocery store.


I imagine this box of dark chocolate Kit Kats is perfect for kids or on-the-go snacking. I find the packaging very adorable since upon opening the box, you see three little bars peeking out 🙂 These won’t last long in my hands…


Upon tasting them, they are like an ordinary Kit Kat with the exception of having less of a sweet taste due to the dark chocolate. I actually prefer these Kit Kats over the regular ones! I can actually taste the dark chocolate and the wafer cookie as separate flavors/textures, whereas regular Kit Kats just taste crunchy and very, very sweet. That’s saying something coming from a milk chocolate lover! 🙂


Because there was no English on the wrappers, I could only guess from the pictures on the front of the wrappers that the blue Kit Kat had some kind of grape flavor, and the yellow one was tea flavored.

I was kind of sad that the blue Kit Kat turned out to be made with white chocolate since that stuff tends to be too sweet for my tastes. But then again, the green tea Kit Kats I really like are most likely made with white chocolate as well :/ The Kit Kat smelled very sweet with a slight hint of some other scent, which I discovered once eating it. There definitely was a grape taste! It’s that fake grape taste you find in lots of kid-friendly candy, but at least it’s detectable! I don’t think I could eat a bag of these since I don’t really like white chocolate and the grape taste is a bit of a turnoff.

I was hoping I’d like the tea flavored Kit Kat just as much as I like the green tea flavor. The coloring of the Kit Kat is a bit off putting. It’s like green and brown mixed together. Maybe it’s supposed to reflect the earthy color and taste of certain teas? I could only smell sweetness from the bar as well. The taste? If you’ve had that amber colored tea at Chinese restaurants, think of a white chocolate Kit Kat having been soaked in that tea for a very, very long time. The taste of the tea was overpowering, and I can’t say I really liked it compared to the more delicate taste of green tea in green tea Kit Kats.

Overall, I’d take a box of those dark chocolate Kit Kats over the other two. I’m willing to try other flavors though, unique or not. I would love to try strawberry Kit Kats at some point if I can ever find them!

Kit Kat: Made by Nestle



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