Alter Eco


I think because I had eaten a dish containing quinoa and it was on my mind, I was drawn to this bar while I was shopping in Wegmans 🙂 I had seen Alter Eco chocolate bars before, but because I had only ever seen dark chocolate bars (I’m a milk chocolate-lover), I wasn’t immediately interested in them. But because this bar had quinoa, I thought it would be interesting to try!


Inside of the box there’s a brief story of the farmers behind the cocoa used in Alter Eco bars. Apparently the land that’s used to grow the cocoa was taken back with the help of the United Nations and freed the people there from the clutches of drug trafficking. The people there are also replanting native trees in an effort to maintain environmental stability and the reader is informed that the purchase of an Alter Eco bar helps support their efforts to protect the Amazonian rain forests.


Upon smelling the bar, I only got the aroma of the dark chocolate, but the first bite was filled with pleasant, light crunchiness from the quinoa! There’s a slight acidic taste to the chocolate, and I detected more of that acidity in the aftertaste. Because I tend to find chocolate bars containing light crunchy materials very addictive, I ate several pieces in one sitting 🙂

I have to say, though I wasn’t floored by this chocolate, I really like that Alter Eco is supporting the Amazonian ecosystem and the people who grow their cocoa. It’s always great when the simple purchase of a chocolate bar will help others in need!

Alter Eco: Based out of San Francisco, CA

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