These bonbons were found at the Chocolate Lover’s Festival in Fairfax, VA. They were created by Chocotenango, a local chocolate shop in Washington, D.C. I had initially forgotten the names/descriptions of these bonbons while I was tasting them, and it wasn’t until later that I looked to their website for some guidance. I had the help of my boyfriend to taste and guess what each bonbon flavor was beforehand.

Peanut Butter and Pistachio in milk choc

Peanut butter and pistachio in milk chocolate

This one definitely smelled nutty. The texture was pleasant as the ganache melted in my mouth and we could taste tiny bits of the peanuts and pistachios inside, which gave me the impression that the real stuff was used, not just flavoring or a jar of peanut butter. I would eat a boxful of these 🙂

Mint and Green tea?

Mint and green tea in dark chocolate

This smelled mainly of dark chocolate. I tasted more mint than the green tea. The flavorings were light and not overwhelming at all. The gananche was also melt-in-your-mouth.

Lemon and Poppy seed in milk choc

Lemon and poppyseed in milk chocolate

This actually smelled kind of buttery to me, like butterscotch. The flavor was definitely citrusy and sour. The filling itself was a tad sticky.


Coconut in milk chocolate

This one had an earthy smell and slight sharpness to it. When I tried it, I had forgotten it was coconut, so I can’t say I recalled tasting any coconut in it. The ganache was smooth like the others, though!


Chili and caramel in dark chocolate

The one smelled and tasted like chili! The chili was as you’d expect, mild at first and then slowly flares up in your mouth.

My favorite was definitely the peanut butter and pistachio and milk chocolate 🙂

On their website, I like how Chocotenango says their bonbons are meant to have light flavorings. Just how I prefer my tea to be lightly steeped so I can appreciate the flavors, I’m glad I can enjoy their chocolate without being overwhelmed or having strong flavors put in my face.

I wish I had known about Chocotenango earlier! I hope to visit their shop and support them further in the future 🙂

Chocotenango: Made in D.C. (Read their story on their website! Chocotenango was founded in Guatemala.)

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