For some reason I keep passing over Chocolove whenever I’m in the chocolate aisle at Whole Foods, but this time I figured I needed to try them out again. And I’m glad I did 🙂


Chocolove is unique for putting a love poem on the inside of the wrapper for each chocolate bar. They’re a good read while munching on their chocolate. Sadly, I’m not one for poems. I don’t really “get” them. But I do like seeing where each poem is referenced from!


The milk chocolate pretzel bar was pretty much what I thought it would be. That fun combination for your taste buds of sweet and salty. It’s like that chocolate dipped pretzel rod but backwards because it’s a pretzel dipped chocolate bar. The pretzels thankfully didn’t taste stale at all the milk chocolate had a creamy aftertaste.


The dark chocolate cherry and almond bar was also yummy! I usually have given this bar or the dark chocolate raspberry bar to my sister since she prefers dark chocolate over milk chocolate. The chocolate pieces snapped nicely and sharply apart. The cherries mixed in had a chewy texture and still contained that sour bite that tart cherries have. There was a good balance in quantity of cherries versus almonds mixed in.


The poem on the inside of the cherry almond bar.

Both bars were pretty good! Usually I don’t jump for chocolate + pretzel combinations, but since I almost ate the whole pretzel bar in one sitting, I think that means I liked it more than I admit 😉 Regarding the poems inside of the wrappers, if someone you know loves poems and chocolate, they’ll like Chocolove 🙂

Chocolove: Made in Boulder, CO

4 thoughts on “Chocolove

  1. I tried the Chocolove Cherries & Almonds at my auntie’s last fall and really liked it – thought the thing with the poem was a little silly, though. Love your blog, by the way, it’s cool to see that there are other chocolate lovers/addicts out there 😉


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