There’s a milk chocolate chai bar by Theo that I absolutely love, but I can’t get my hands on it right now. So in the meantime, I ran to Whole Foods where I knew I could find a couple other varieties.


The milk chocolate with sea salt and almonds bar had a light pleasant smell of the almonds and sea salt. It would be like you were standing not too far from the ocean, but instead of water it’s made of chocolate with salt mixed in, with the earthy-ish(?) smell of the sand nearby. The taste of it almost reminded me of the taste of Nutella with the smooth marriage of nuts and chocolate and a touch of salt. If I could spread it on toast, I would totally do that 🙂


The dark chocolate cherry and almond bar smelled earthy yet kind of sweet. The cherries weren’t as chewy as in previous dark chocolate cherry and almond bars I’ve had before, but their flavoring had more tartness as a reminder that the cherries still existed. The crunch of almonds was barely detectable. I kind of had to search for it, but at least I could clearly see them mixed into the bar.


I like how the back of these bars says to “share it with someone you love near and far.” I truly do find more joy in sharing chocolate with others and I’m glad that Theo is spreading that good message 🙂

Overall I actually preferred the milk chocolate with sea salt and almonds bar more. But Theo is known for making good chocolate! I mentioned in a previous post about their Christmas milk chocolate with gingerbread bar (you can read it here) that Theo offers factory tours. I’d absolutely love to visit them some day! It’d also be fun to learn about how they create their chocolate from bean to bar in person. Otherwise their website has a step by step description on how they make their chocolate.

Theo: Made in Seattle, WA


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