Green & Black’s


Green & Black’s has this simple yet sophisticated look that made me think it could be more expensive, but it only cost like $3-4 at Whole Foods. I’ve tried them before and I recall liking them very much 🙂 It was also nice that they were mentioned in another chocolate review as being a good quality chocolate bar at a good price! (You can read that other review here.)

Of course, being more of a milk chocolate lover and since I was madly craving milk chocolate the day I was in Whole Foods, I only grabbed whatever milk chocolate Green & Black’s bars were available.


When I’m crazily craving milk chocolate, you can never go wrong to make me happy with a good, simple plain milk chocolate bar 🙂 Sometimes I actually prefer to try out a new chocolate brand/bar with just plain milk chocolate so I can get a better sense of what the chocolate itself tastes like without the distraction of mix-ins. This bar was smooth and creamy as expected and left behind a light cocoa aftertaste. I enjoy my chocolate better it when the texture is smooth. I’ll still eat Dove if I happen to have it, but many times I’ve been disappointed with some random piece of what tastes like foil in their plain milk chocolate. There shouldn’t be anything but chocolate in there, so I don’t know what bits of floaties should be doing in there :/


There are whole almonds in here. Not just almond pieces or chunks. It’s like Green & Black’s said, “Want almonds in your chocolate? Here you go!!!” The almonds give such a nice crunchy texture and kind of a grounding flavor compared to the sweetness of the milk chocolate. The fact that they’re roasted (as the back of the wrappers says) gives it a boost of nutty flavor to them.

It was very hard not to inhale both bars in one sitting. Seriously. They might look and sound like your ordinary milk chocolate bars, but if you grab one at Whole Foods or wherever and it’s gone by the time you get home, you’ll see what I mean. And yes, I’m admitting that I’ve done that inhaling-the-bar-before-reaching-home thing 😉

Green & Black’s: Made in Italy

One thought on “Green & Black’s

  1. tetellita

    Ah, yes, I like Green & Black’s! It’s one of the brands I recommend in my book for French expats in the US. The brand is now part of the Hershey’s family, which I believe helps leverage the buying power of the brand and thus keep the price low.


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