Trader Joe’s Chocolate Passport


I actually received this as a Christmas gift, but it took a long time for me to get to trying this chocolate out since I had so many other bars and yummy-goodness to try beforehand :/ I also wanted help from my boyfriend in trying them out since he likes dark chocolate more than me, and this was allll dark chocolate.


The passport idea is really cute by having the consume travel through their taste buds and chocolate 🙂 Unfortunately there was no information on the box or on the individual bars saying if the beans for the chocolate actually came from other countries, whether these are Fair Trade, and so on. This chocolate could be pretending to be from other regions for all we know.


But the presentation and packing was very creative and I almost wished I could find some other use for the box other than to hold other similarly sized chocolate bars (not that the chocolate would last long anyway when I’m around).

I’m going to use bullet points to mention what my boyfriend and I tasted from these chocolates since there’s several of them and I don’t actually have much to say since the wrappers do a better job listing what the chocolates are supposed to taste like.


  • smooth dark chocolate
  • immediate jasmine flavors and tasted almost berry-like


  • fruity smell
  • taste contained more floral notes


  • smelled floral and grassy
  • tasted more grassy than floral


  • smelled peppery and spicy
  • tasted peppery, though it was a very light peppery taste


  • had a sharper and more bitter taste
  • couldn’t really taste any nuttiness


  • definitely tasted immediate floral flavors followed by spicy flavors


  • tasted quite bitter, especially in the aftertaste


  • very subtle fruity notes but couldn’t really taste the vanilla

Overall the bars tasted just as the wrappers described! This would make a cute, creative gift for a dark chocolate-lover, for the well-traveled person, or for yourself when packing for a trip 🙂


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