Brookside (Again!)


In an earlier post I wrote about Brookside’s chocolate covered berries and clusters, and I remember commenting that they should make a trail mix using their ingredients. I had no idea that they made bars!!! I found these at Target while browsing their chocolate section.


Thought I’d throw in a picture of the simple yet cute wrapper for the cranberry almond bar 🙂


I really like how unique this bar was designed! It reminds me of those nature views where you see multiple fields next to each other in various colors looking like a patchwork quilt. My boyfriend joked that if you were eating the chocolate and were forced to share, those smaller squares would be meant for sharing 😉


The cranberry almond bar smelled just as it was described on the cover! I could smell the dark chocolate, cranberry and almond, which was great and gave me confidence that I would surely be able to taste all of those flavors as well. Already within the first bite I tasted the crunchiness of almonds and the chewiness of the cranberries. The balance between the two mix-ins as well as the dark chocolate was very nice! None of the flavors dominated the other. There were plenty of chopped up almonds in the chocolate and I got more of the cranberry lingering in the aftertaste.


The mango coconut bar looked exactly the same as the previous bar, minus a different colored wrapper.


This bar was also similar to the cranberry almond in that I was able to smell the dark chocolate, mango and coconut. When biting into the chocolate, I was able to taste the dark chocolate combined with the two mix-ins as well. The coconut provided a light delicate crunch and the mango was slightly chewy. This bar reminded me of summer, though I could picture myself in the countryside rather than on the beach 🙂

Overall I really liked the combination of crunchy and chewy in both bars! Both were very good and I would have a hard time choosing one over the other 🙂

Brookside: Made in Hershey, PA (made by Hershey)

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