Bark Thins


Last fall a coworker excitedly introduced me to Bark Thins, specifically the pumpkin seed variety since it was so fitting with the season at the time. I had started seeing them pop up in just about every store, so I was really excited to finally try them out! I’ve been told that the pretzel ones are good too, so I’ll have to grab a bag of those some other time 😉

First, I’m amused that this is called “snacking chocolate” because technically I consider all chocolate to be for snacking 😀 But I also tend to inhale my chocolate anyway. IMG_3570

There was a light crunch when biting into the pumpkin seeds, and the sea salt taste was not too much, nor too little. The dark chocolate and pumpkin seed combo made me feel like I was eating very healthy chocolate! I would consider this for hiking, car trips and stashing in a drawer at work 🙂 The back of the bag mentions that Bark Thins were made to be a healthy yet delicious snack. I’m glad that they’re focusing on chocolate with various mix-ins!

Bark Thins: Made in Congers, NY

This is a quick add-on, I DID pick up a bag of the pretzel Bark Thins and I think I actually liked them a little more than the pumpkin Bark Thins 🙂 And yes, as you can see in my picture, I did try them out as soon as I walked out of the grocery store 😉 Ever since I’ve tried Chocolove’s pretzel+milk chocolate combination, I’ve been way more likely to try out that combo by other brands. Both Bark Thin combos are good, though, and I look forward to trying other products by Bark Thins!



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