TCHO caught my eye when I first saw them show up at both For the Love of Chocolate and World Market. I used to think that Ritter Sport was the only square chocolate bar out there, though they are famous for their signature shape. TCHO instead puts its focus on gathering their chocolate from various regions of the world and on how their work goes beyond fair trade. Definitely check out their website to read more about their story and how they work with the other regions that their cacao beans come from!



Moving on to the chocolate, I was first intrigued by the unique style of their chocolate bars. It’s a little hard to see, but the pieces are not level with each other, yet they are clearly all connected. To me, that’s a great way of making a bar very unique! And it was like looking at a modern work of art because I wanted to admire the design of the bar before consuming it. I don’t know of any other bars that pay that much attention to how the chocolate itself is presented! This could be wrapped all on its own in a clear box and I would still want to get it 🙂

The dark chocolate + nutty notes smelled and tasted exactly what it said on the wrapper. I also noticed on the back of the bar (I forgot to take pictures) there’s a small square box that lists additions flavors. This one contained hints of espresso, which I was able to smell and taste in the bar besides the nuttiness.


Sadly the milk chocolate bar had broken during transport, but that’s not an issue when it’ll be inhaled anyway 😉 This was milk chocolate + notes of caramel, and on the back of the bar, hints of butterscotch, vanilla and honey were also listed. I was able to definitely smell caramel and other sweetness from the bar, and it tasted just as good as the scent. The texture was very smooth and creamy. Milk chocolate bars with those textures always easily win me over 🙂

I highly recommend TCHO! I love all the little details of how different their name looks, the design of their bars, and their work in fair trade supporting the people who grow their cacao beans is to be admired.

TCHO: Made in San Francisco


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