This is one of my FAVORITE chocolate bars!!! It’s simply milk chocolate and green tea. What is there not to love?! Unless you don’t like tea and you don’t like chocolate… But green tea is my favorite kind of tea, and so two things I love combined into one bar? The BEST! I know there are other chocolate + green tea bars out there, as I’ve covered Vosges’ holiday milk chocolate + mint + green tea bar in an earlier post. But Dolfin was the first to introduce me to this magical combination, and I instantly fell in love with it 🙂


I love it when bars contain several languages printed onto their wrappers. It tells me that multiple countries consume and love the brand. What I also like about the wrapper (I forgot to take an overall picture) is that it’s made of plastic. This means I can drink green tea while eating keeping the chocolate nearby and have no worries about ruining the wrapper and chocolate if I accidentally spill my tea all over the place 🙂


Already in the first bite of this chocolate, the taste of green tea fills my mouth. The smoothness and sweetness of milk chocolate balances any bitterness from the green tea. There’s some very tiny crunchy bits inside of the chocolate, which I’m guessing comes from the crunched up tea leaves (sencha tea was used, not the powdery matcha tea), but it’s a very pleasant texture that’s addictive and actually makes it hard for me to leave any chocolate pieces for later 😉 The texture and flavors of this bar are very delightful and I always, always recommend this to people who I know love chocolate and tea like I do 🙂

Dolfin: Made in Belgium

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