I first tried Moonstruck when I discovered them at For the Love of Chocolate in Richmond. It was the unique name that “struck” me 😉 I had first tried their plain milk chocolate bar a long time ago, but this time I decided to try their Mayan milk chocolate.


Unfortunately this bar had broken during its journey back home, but thankfully the majority of it was intact so I could still admire the artistry of the design echoing the wrapper.


I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were nuts mixed into the chocolate! Usually the front of the chocolate wrapper would mention any mix-ins, but I had no problem with this 🙂 Upon the first bite, there was that pleasant crunchy yet soft texture of the chopped up almonds… and then there was this kick! Was it cayenne or some sort of chili? The ingredients list mentions cinnamon!!! It gives a nice brief burn but not one that whacks me in the back of the throat like most spicy chocolates (which is why I tend to shy away from chocolate with chili).

I love what the back of the wrapper says 🙂

“Sneak a bite whenever possible. Appear innocent at all costs. Replenish your stash often.”

Wonderful advice! Though I tend to be an honest person, so I would have a hard time not looking guilty for chocolate eating 😉 Chocolate stashes used to barely exist for me since it wouldn’t last long enough to be officially considered a “stash” 🙂 But due to this blog, I now have an excuse to build one up and not devour all of the chocolate right away!

Moonstruck is awesome to try out, especially if you haven’t heard of them before. On their website I’ve seen that they make these adorable looking truffles in the shape of little animals or bugs suiting the season or holidays. I’d love to try them out someday 🙂

Moonstruck: Made in Portland, OR

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