I’ve wanted to try Taza for a long time, and I thought they used to be sold at Trader Joe’s, but apparently they’re now selling their own brand of chocolate that’s stone ground as well… I’ll have to try it sometime when I next see it. I was able to luckily find this little package of niceness at T.J. Maxx, of all places.




One thing I really like about Taza is their unique circular shape and the way they wrap their chocolate. It gives the chocolate a very organic look and feel. And doesn’t the chocolate bar look like kind of like a pizza or a pie?! The pieces even separate into little triangular pieces!


Instead of talking about each flavor separately, I’m going to talk about all of the chocolate bars as a whole because they all had the same texture and just different flavors for whatever was added to the chocolate. All of them had the texture of fine sprinkles or sand due to the cane sugar used in it (I was looking at the ingredients list for that info). The chocolate pieces kind of softly broke apart rather than with a sharp snap like most dark chocolates. The cinnamon bar smelled like cinnamon, but the taste of cinnamon was stronger than its smell. This was the same for the vanilla and guajillo chili bars. The dark chocolate bar I actually enjoyed smelling because it had this earthy smell that reminded me of being in the woods.



What’s really nifty is that you can use these Taza chocolates to make hot cocoa!!! Even though it says to use one disc, I grated whatever was leftover of the 70% dark chocolate and vanilla discs and used 2 cups of almond milk to make hot cocoa for my boyfriend and myself during a snowy day. The hot cocoa came out very well! It takes a little more effort to prepare, but it’s worth it in the end 🙂


I thought that this chocolate would be too bitter for my taste, but I was pleasantly surprised by how the cane sugar added softness and sweetness so I was able to enjoy it more than I originally thought I would.

Taza: Made in Somerville, MA


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