Good Health Cocoa


I love wandering though Marshall’s, Home Goods and/or TJMaxx when I have some time to kill. And the majority of the time I find a brand of chocolate that I haven’t seen before! This was one of the brands I decided to try.

The name of the brand grabbed my attention, as well as the description on the back. It basically says that non-GMO 72% dark chocolate, herbs and other “superfoods” are used to try to create health beneficial chocolate.


Unfortunately upon unpacking, I noticed that the bag of strawberry chocolates contained way more pieces than the cherry one. I’m very confused as to why this would have happened. But ok, now I’m going to actually eat the chocolate.


Cherry with cocoa nibs and acai

I’m really glad that for this one I could actually see bits of the berries inside and the cocoa nibs! When smelling the chocolate, I could only smell the dark chocolate and none of the berries. But taste-wise, I got all of the flavors as well as the crunchiness of the cocoa nibs. There seemed to be a nice balance between all of the elements!


Strawberry with hawthorn berry and ginseng

The one had no fruit bits in it, which made me so disappointed. At least I tasted something of strawberry, hawthorn berry and ginseng, but otherwise it just looks like plain dark chocolate. The ingredients list shows strawberry and even raspberry are supposed to be in there, but I’m very confused as to why the cherry chocolate pieces show actual fruit in them, but this one doesn’t.

Overall, definitely prefer the cherry with cocoa nibs and acai in it. When I can see the fruit inside of the chocolate, and if the ingredients list says it’s supposed to have such fruits, I’m more likely to trust that chocolate.



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