Kinder Bueno


This look familiar, doesn’t it?? I think pretty much everyone knows about Kinder chocolate, which is great! It’s like one of those commonly known non-American chocolates. I hope to find an excuse to try more Kinder chocolates in the future, but I had this on hand since my sister had given it to me honestly back during the week of Christmas. Yeah, I’ve somehow held off consuming this as long as I could because I had so many other chocolates to cover first, but I kept thinking about it 😉


I feel like every child who’s parent(s) had gone overseas or brought the family overseas has some story related to Kinder. My mother introduced me to it, and I think one of my uncles might have given my siblings and I some Kinder a long time ago while he was living in Germany. This bar in particular was made in Poland, as it says on the back, but that doesn’t matter right now.

Right now let’s talk about how this bar makes me so happy to eat it 🙂 The two layers of light, crispy wafers covered in delicious sweet milk chocolate with a tiny gush of hazelnut filling… If I could be on a cloud right now, it would be made of this stuff. If you’ve been reading some of my previous posts, you’ll have found out that I really, really like hazelnut! If hazelnut-anything is involved, it’s already got my heart (and my stomach) 🙂 Kinder Bueno is so enjoyable to eat! It makes me think of times when I was younger and not having a care, wanting to just run around outside…

Definitely check out Kinder’s website to read more about their products and the story behind them, like for the Bueno bar:

“Growing up in the 90’s, kids’ consumption habits began to change. Michele Ferrero responded by creating an innovative new product, Kinder Bueno: a tasty snack, designed primarily for teens.”

You know, I never really put two and two together that the company behind Ferrero Rocher would be the same as Kinder! And a Google search shows that it’s the same one for Nutella too! Those are more favorite hazelnut products… *drools*

Kinder: Made in Poland

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