Godiva (Again!)



So… I thought I was done with trying out Christmas/holiday chocolates, but apparently not! I wandered into Georgetown one evening and decided to “accidentally” enter the Godiva store there. I’m so glad I did!!! I found out that they still had some of their Christmas/holiday chocolates for sale, AND I was able to pick up my free truffle for the month! (If you sign up for membership there, you can get a free truffle every month with a purchase as well as $10 off any purchase the month of your birthday. What is not to love about that?!)

When I read that this box in particular had a gingerbread truffle inside, I decided it would be the one to try out 🙂


Holiday hazelnut truffle

I really enjoy truffles covered in a nice coating of chopped hazelnuts and the like. In the first bite, the hazelnut praline melted in my mouth and I was able to cherish the flood of those hazelnut flavors that came my way. There was a touch of salt possibly from the chopped hazelnuts on the outside, but it was overall very nice.  I would eat more of these!


Caramel corn truffle

This one was interesting. I could clearly see the corn bits inside, and the caramel was delightfully gooey. But when trying the truffle, the texture the corn bits was soft. I would rather have rice bits or something that has more crunch to it. The corn was different, but I can’t say I’m in love with it. The caramel was very sweet, but I was fine with that otherwise.


Raspberry linzer torte truffle

The praline filling in this truffle compared to the other praline filled truffles was pretty goopy, but it wasn’t a bad thing either! The truffle definitely contained raspberry flavors and I actually enjoyed the slight tartness in the filling. I might suggest some raspberry seeds to be added to this? Maybe some real raspberry bits as well?



Orange spice truffle

The shell for this truffle was tougher probably due to all of the sprinkles on the outside and the dark chocolate shell, but the filling was equally melt-in-your mouth as the previous praline filled truffles. This one was kind of the usual dark chocolate + orange combo. But the texture of the sprinkles sets this classic apart from the rest of those dark chocolate + orange chocolates for me 🙂


Cranberry truffle

I was amazed with how bright the filling was. There was no way it could be confused with the others! The smell of cranberry oozed from the truffle and the flavors of cranberry were very strong. There was even some tartness that helped me think about real cranberries while eating it. I thought this was a pretty unique chocolate amongst other cranberry + dark chocolate combinations I’ve tried. I liked this one!


Gingerbread truffle

Last but not least is the gingerbread truffle and the reason why I bought the whole box of truffles to begin with 😉 This was my top favorite! The classic gingerbread + milk chocolate combination. The praline filling also was very soft and melted away quickly. The flavors and texture were like if you make gingerbread dough, meant to make cookies out of it, but instead you just happily ate the dough as it was 🙂

Overall, my top favorites were definitely the gingerbread, cranberry and hazelnut truffles. I’m already excited to see what new flavors and combinations Godiva will come up with for the next season!

Godiva: Originally from Belgium, with U.S. headquarters in New York City



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