Royal Chocolates Belgian Chocolate Thins


I have seen chocolate thins like these at Trader Joe’s before, which I should review on here some time, but I hadn’t tried these before! As usual, I had found these at World Market 😉 Of course I grabbed the milk chocolate varieties, but these are available in dark chocolate with the little crunchy bits as well.

I’ll be really honest, the two look exactly the same :/ The picture on the left is of the hazelnut thins and the one on the right is cappuccino. But even if you were to go crazy, throw all of them out of box and mix them all up, you could still tell the difference because the hazelnut thins definitely taste like hazelnut and the same goes for the cappuccino thins.


There are three sections in each box holding three little piles of thins 🙂 And I’m going to confess that I almost, just almost, ate both boxes in one sitting. Crazy, right? But that’s how addictive they are!!! Those crispy bits that are mixed in combined with the light hazelnut and cappuccino flavors were enough to prevent me from putting them away after enjoying a few bites. These are very share-friendly as well! If you and two friends get together, each of you could enjoy your own little pile of crisps. I’d take these as an alternative to Pringles 😉

I forgot to take a picture, but the back of the box offers other suggestions for how the enjoy the crisps.

  • Stick them into the top of your ice cream!
  • Enjoy them with coffee!
  • Stick them on top of cupcakes, cakes and other desserts!
  • Or just inhale them right out of the box like I did!

Royal Chocolates Belgian Chocolate Crisps: Product of Belgium


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