Chocolate Fusion


A couple of years ago, my boyfriend and I were visiting National Harbor in Maryland for the first time. For us it seemed like a chill place to take walk on a warm day and explore whatever stores were around. There was a Peeps store, an organic grocery store, Godiva… and a tea shop! My boyfriend LOVES tea! He’s as passionate about tea as much as I am passionate about chocolate 🙂 We wandered into the local tea shop and found a new treasure. Chocolate + Tea by Chocolate Fusion!


One of the first Chocolate Fusion bars we had tried was this milk chocolate with jasmine green tea and tangerine essence bar. (At the time of this post, my boyfriend had managed to grab a couple of bars again for us to try since it had been a while.) Green tea is my favorite kind of tea to drink, but jasmine tea also smells very nice! And because I prefer milk chocolate, I was immediately drawn to this bar. This bar was very aromatic and I could already smell the jasmine, green tea and tangerine upon unwrapping it. The flavoring was equal to the strength in smell. I tasted the jasmine flavors first with the green tea in the background, and the tangerine lingered the most in aftertaste.


The dark chocolate with smoked lapsang tea and Himalayan salt was very different for me. Here, I could also smell all of the flavors right away. The lapsang was dominant followed by traces of salt in the background. The aftertaste consisted mainly of the dark chocolate and salt. For me, the taste of lapsang took some getting used to, but I’m glad the salt was there to help balance it out.

Both bars were very aromatic, and if you like strong, unique flavors in your chocolate that you can immediately smell and equally taste, chocolates which force you to focus on the moment and on what you are savoring, you will like Chocolate Fusion!

Chocolate Fusion: Made in San Leandro, CA



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