Kakawa Chocolate House


A friend and fellow chocoholic sent me a wonderful gift in the mail the other day! This was one of those non-holiday themed chocolates that I had to cheat and consume before I finished covering all of my Christmas/holiday chocolates because the truffles and caramels she had sent me did not contain preservatives. And like many freshly prepared chocolates, it had be consumed not long after arrival. But that was a good problem to have 😉


My friend had sent me a bag of Kakawa’s cocoa mix for making hot cocoa, and the box of truffles and caramels. I LOVE receiving boxes of chocolates. I prefer to grab chocolate bars for myself to satisfy my chocolate cravings, but sometimes boxed chocolates make a gift seem more special 🙂



The flavors of the chocolates were written on the inside of the lid. The handwriting was a little hard to read for the last chocolate, so we had to guess what that was. Thankfully I was able to have the help of my boyfriend to try them out and write notes regarding our thoughts. Honestly, I’m awful at detecting slight hints and very faint flavors in chocolate. He has better taste buds, so he was able to point out whatever I was unable to taste.


Blueberry Basic

The filling looked like thick, rich, yet soft frosting, but was very melt-in-your-mouth. My boyfriend detected maybe some cayenne, or some sort of spiciness. The blueberry flavors were primary, followed by the secondary spicy flavors.



Eggnog might sound like a basic chocolate around the holidays, but it helps put you in the winter mood! I really enjoyed the soft, creamy center in this one. The eggnog flavoring was delightful and perhaps lightly spiced with nutmeg.


Goat Cheese and Sage

This flavor combo we were veeery curious about. The initial flavor consisted of goat cheese followed by sage, and the combination wasn’t bad at all! My boyfriend said that he would put it on a cracker if he could. If a chocolate spread with goat cheese for crackers could be created, I would definitely give it a try 🙂 I think this actually might have been my favorite out of all of the chocolates!


Prickly Pear

The smell of pear radiated from this truffle. Normally I’m not into pears because I don’t like their texture, but the flavoring mixed with chocolate wasn’t bad at all! My boyfriend wasn’t a huge fan of it because the pear flavoring was too sweet compared to the bitterness of the dark chocolate for him, but at least the two flavors did balance each other. I personally really liked the light pear aftertaste.


Sea Salt Caramel

These caramels were pretty huge compared to the usual caramels I’ve tried. These might have been about 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch? That seems like a generous, slab-size to me! This was your classic combo of caramel with sea salt covered in dark chocolate. The caramel was thick, slightly chewy at first,  but then quickly melts in your mouth. Would I eat more of these if I could? YES!


Green Chili Caramel?

The handwriting for the name of this chocolate was hard to read, so we’re guessing it said Chili because there’s no doubt that some sort of hot spice or chili was used! Usually I shy away from spicy chocolate because I’m not a big fan of spicy + sweet foods, but the caramel helped act as a median for my tongue between the bitterness of the dark chocolate and spicy chili. I actually couldn’t finish my piece of caramel, but I made more of an effort to eat it than I usually would for spicy chocolate!

Overall, Kakawa helped bring my boyfriend and I through a unique flavor journey. We were forced to ponder upon the flavors while letting the chocolates melt on our tongues and try to figure out what else was lingering in the dark chocolate. If you’re in the Santa Fe area, check them out!

Kakawa Chocolate House: Made in Santa Fe, NM


By the way, I can’t tell you how crazy excited I am!!! Within the span of one week, Vosges and now Seattle Chocolates has read my posts regarding some of their chocolates!!! A huge thanks to the both of them! Responses from companies lets me know that they truly listen and care about what we think about their chocolates 🙂 Harry and David is another company that has responded to me as well despite a not so stellar review, so they especially have props for being willing to do that!







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