Seattle Chocolates Candy Cane Crunch


This will be my last Christmas/holiday chocolate post! It’s actually a very good thing because I have a pile of non-holiday chocolates forming on the side that I’m really excited to dive into 🙂 I actually have taken photos and eaten some of them due to their lacking preservatives, so I did cheat a little bit 😉

You know what’s really funny is that I was at World Market (again) this past weekend looking at their chocolate selection (as usual), and I realized something that I’m kind of dreading…

I might have already tried just about every chocolate bar that’s available in store. I was starting to feel a little panicked thinking, “Oh my gosh, have I REALLY tried everything?!”But thankfully I found another section on the side that had some new chocolate bars and brands that I had never tried or heard of before, so that’s a great relief! 🙂

Speaking of World Market, I picked up this cute, pocket-sized Seattle Chocolates bar there!


The smell of dark chocolate and mint will never get old for me! I know it’s a classic and a repeated combination year after year, but some chocolates you just have to stop, admire and inhale. This was one of them 🙂


When I bit into it, I got that delightful, expected crunch of candy cane mixed in and a flood of dark chocolate around the candy cane bits. This amazingly will become one of those dark chocolate bars where I can actually eat the entire thing in one sitting. And that’s saying something because I prefer milk chocolate!!!

Seattle Chocolates, I’m impressed and very happy with you 😀

Seattle Chocolates: Made in Seattle, WA

By the way, I want to give a shout out to Vosges! The majority of the time when I put up a new post onto my blog I’ll put a copy of the link on Twitter. And Vosges ACTUALLY read my review of their chocolate! I was blown away and so excited to hear from them!!! You can read my post about their chocolate here:



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