I’ve seen Hammond’s chocolate bars randomly while chocolate shopping, but I never really picked one up to try them. I’m not sure why. But since they had a winter flavor available, I figured it was a good excuse try it anyway!


So the first thing I noticed about this bar was that it smelled like cake. I thought it was supposed to be have a s’more flavor, and I guess it kind of does smell and taste a bit like a s’more… But if I hadn’t seen the wrapper on this chocolate bar, I would have thought that this was trying to be a chocolate cake in bar form. There are definitely crunchy bits inside from the graham cracker. I can’t really taste any marshmallow flavoring. When I’m eating this chocolate, I can picture myself biting into moist chocolate cake layers that have bits of almonds or other nuts on top… I don’t picture myself eating a s’more that’s been turned into a chocolate bar. Maybe my taste buds are out of whack 😛


This isn’t a winter themed bar, but it was left on my desk from a kind coworker 🙂


Gooey bits of caramel oozing out is fun to look at and personally makes me really want to try out a chocolate 🙂 I liked this bar much better than the s’more one. The caramel had a nice, smooth consistency and had the right amount of salt mixed in so that it was more of a background flavor and not in-your-face. The dark chocolate snapped nicely too. According to a YouTube video I had watched, if the chocolate snaps cleanly then it means it’s better quality chocolate. I guess I’ll be checking the snappage of the chocolate bars I try more often! 😛

Maybe if I see that s’mores bar again I’ll have to give it a try another time, but otherwise i do like the dark chocolate filled with sea salt caramel!

Hammond’s: Made in Denver, CO


Oh yeah! I wanted to put a quick blurb here. I found this at Target the other day!


I wrote a post earlier about Merci chocolate and how I think it’s a great gift, last minute or whatnot, and that I like them anytime 🙂


This one is different not just because the cover is blue, but because it only contains only the milk chocolate varieties. As a milk chocolate lover, I rejoice! And yes, the box was quickly emptied in a short amount of time 😉

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