Vosges (Again!)


I was so happy to find a holiday flavor by Vosges! I wasn’t able to find any others in store, but what makes me ever more excited about this one was that green tea was included!!!

Many times I’ve been asked what my favorite chocolate bar is, and I say that one of my top favorites (it’s really hard to choose a #1 favorite :/) is milk chocolate with green tea by Dolfin. I’ll actually be posting about that one at some point and I really look forward to it because ever since I’ve started blogging about chocolate, I have to take pictures of the chocolate before I can start eating it. So I currently can’t touch it until I’ve finished tasting and talking about the Christmas/holiday chocolates I have left πŸ˜› It’s hard, but it’s worth the wait!


Here in the present, I’m raving about this Mint Matcha bar by Vosges! According to the box, it contains “ceremonial grade Japanese Matcha,” mint oil and milk chocolate. Milk chocolate and green tea? The same combo as that Dolfin bar I like! Upon opening the wrapper, I can smell the mint right away. I actually kind of just smelled it for awhile because it’s pretty nice πŸ™‚ Upon the first bite, I tasted a lovely combination of the mint and green tea. It’s very well done! None of them are overpowering and the milk chocolate helped balance the mint and bitterness of the green tea. I actually got a little bit of a salty taste in one bite as well. I’m not sure where that came from since matcha is a very bitter green tea, but it was completely fine. This is going to become a quick favorite of mine from Vosges! If only this bar were available all year around!!!


This one isn’t seasonal, but it’s special to me because it was the first bar by Vosges I tried and fell in love with πŸ™‚ It helped me realize why Vosges was so special. Vosges is so creative in their flavor combinations and I always recommend them to people who are interested in branching out from their chocolate palate comfort zone. This is the Blood Orange Caramel bar containing hibiscus flowers, blood orange caramel, bitter orange liqueur, and dark chocolate. The caramel is so gooey and fun! What a wonderful mess it made XD

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not always into dark chocolate as much as I should, but this is a special exception. I really like the orange flavors, melt-in-your-mouth caramel, and that unique combination of slightly tart but sweet flavors. I can taste all of the flavors mentioned on the box. For some reason eating this bar reminds me of summer, maybe because of the taste of fruitiness and the flowers, but it’s a pleasant thought while it’s cold outside πŸ˜›Β IMG_3356

This was brand new to me. I saw these blood orange hibiscus caramel marshmallows at World Market and HAD to try them out! Since I love the Blood Orange Caramel bar and the two have similar flavors, I figured I would enjoy this as well.

And I did enjoy it! There was a loud crunch as I bit into the chocolate. The marshmallow in the bar added a lot of sweetness overall and the caramel here was bit thicker and chewier, which I really liked! Despite the marshmallow, I was still able to detect the hibiscus and orange flavors. This was delightful to eat and I’m glad that I was still able to enjoy the flavors of orange and hibiscus as much as I could in the Blood Orange Caramel bar πŸ™‚

I actually saw this same marshmallow chocolate at Starbucks as well. If Starbucks is starting to sell Vosges, then I’d be happy to be able to find their chocolate at more locations!

I’m also noticing more chocolate + marshmallow combinations. I wonder if that’s become “the thing” to do now, but so far I’m liking it!

Overall, all three of these were great and I would recommend all of them πŸ™‚ The Blood Orange Hibiscus Caramel Marshmallows might even make a great on-the-go chocolate!

Vosges: Made in Chicago, IL


1.888.301.yumm Β <- what a great phone number!


3 thoughts on “Vosges (Again!)

  1. Hana

    I love that you’re blogging about chocolate! You should consider making your own sometime. I’d hire you as a chocolatier =)

    Great read! I love chocolate and marshmallow together so I’m glad it’s becoming a “thing.” I also don’t love dark chocolate, but I would love to taste anything that reminds me of summer!


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