Ritter Sport Winter Edition


I LOVE Ritter Sport, so I was super excited when my mom told me that she was able to find some winter themed bars by them at World Market. Of course, I had to try them myself and share about it here 🙂



The crunch from tiny bits of almond and cookie was delightful 🙂 The praline filling tasted like hazelnut and was smooth the way Ritter Sport usually makes it. This bar… it will be inhaled very quickly XD



The chai spice in this bar was quite strong, maybe a little too strong for my taste, but it would be like taking that chai spice latte from Starbucks and condensing it into a praline filling. Hmm I kind of liked the nut crescent cookie bar above better than this vanilla chai latte bar.



Ooooh caramelized almonds!!! I loooove caramelized almonds! Not as much asI  love chocolate, but whenever I’m at festivals or events that have them, I gravitate toward those almonds like they’re the first thing I can pay attention to XD And really, this bar is definitely like taking those delicious, sweet and toasty tasting almonds and adding chocolate to them. OH! Maybe there should be a chocolate covered version of those caramelized almonds!!! I hope someone will invent that because I would become a regular consumer 🙂 This bar… also very yummy. This one and the crescent cookie one will be consumed very quickly.

Whenever Ritter Sport comes out with a new flavor, I’m always excited to try it since I’m a big fan of them 🙂 I actually saw a couple of new flavors, non-seasonal, that were released recently. Hopefully I’ll be able to find them again in the near future so I can talk about them!


Ritter Sport: Made in Germany


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