Theo Gingerbread Spice


If you love gingerbread and chocolate and want to eat both flavors at the same time, Theo has done a great job marrying the two together! It’s a simple bar but I had a hard time stopping at one piece of chocolate!! It’s like Pringles, you can’t have just one. Or was that Doritos? Maybe like the chocolate covered potato chips there should be chocolate covered Doritos and Pringles XD


A quick side note, I need to mention more often where the chocolates I blog about come from. Sometimes I’ve noticed regional brands are proud of where their chocolates are made. Like how Lake Champlain is based in Vermont, and the impression I got when I visited them was that they were proud to be there. I sent a package of various chocolate bars to an aunt and I realized that the majority of the chocolates I had sent her were from parts of California. European chocolates are definitely awesome, but it’s great to be proud of what we have here as well 🙂

Theo is from Seattle, WA. I have a friend who is from Washington and they had brought my attention to the fact that their factory was based there. They also told me that they have factory tours available! There’s more information about that on their website. I definitely hope to visit Seattle some day and overall Washington state so I can check out some of these chocolate places in person 🙂 I’ve heard that there are other chocolate companies that are based there, like Dilettante, which apparently has several mocha cafes at various locations of WA!!!

Anyways, if you stumble upon this Theo Gingerbread Spice bar, try it out! I found mine at World Market and I’ve seen Theo chocolate bars at other stores as well.


Theo: Made in Seattle, WA

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