Lake Champlain Christmas Bars


I wish I could have done this earlier, but I was hoping to do a couple weeks’ worth of Christmas themed chocolates leading up to Christmas day. Due to illness and such I was unable to do that, but for the time being, I will have several posts consisting of Christmas themed chocolates! Some I had bought for myself and others I had received as gifts 🙂 Hopefully next Christmas I’ll be able to plan ahead of time for having posts about Christmas themed chocolates. My sister actually suggested that I blog about advent calendars next time, which I already look forward to doing! Have you bought an advent calendar of chocolates and eaten all of them in one sitting while going through the little doors in order from Day 1 to Day 24? I have 🙂

I’m starting off with Lake Champlain’s Christmas chocolate bars. Every winter I see Lake Champlain release a couple of new flavors for the holidays that are only available for a short period of time. I grabbed these from Whole Foods as soon as I could 🙂


I have recently talked about Lake Champlain’s plain milk chocolate bar, which is my top favorite despite it having no add-ins. Since I love milk chocolate, I was really excited to see that this winter the holiday bars were made with milk chocolate as well! The toffee and almonds bar had a very pleasant, light crunch to it 🙂 The toffee wasn’t too hard on the teeth and the almonds and toffee didn’t compete with each other flavor-wise. The milk chocolate flavoring dominated my taste buds, but I didn’t mind that at all.


I loved that I could see the molasses inside of the gingerbread molasses bar! The first bite was filled with molasses goodness and gingerbread spiciness. In this bar I didn’t taste the milk chocolate as much. The molasses was the dominant flavor, but it’s a unique and pleasant flavor to experience. The gingerbread added to the molasses made this bar interesting, in my opinion. It was a nice flavor combination and definitely put me in the holiday mood!

Both bars were delicious and easy to consume in a short amount of time! I love almonds in chocolate, so admittedly I ate the entire toffee and almonds bar first, but I would recommend both combinations! If you’re new to trying different flavor combos outside of your comfort zone, the molasses and gingerbread would be a unique and pleasant bar to try 🙂

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