Milka Bunte Kakaolinsen


There’s a new Milka bar!!!!!!!!

Yes, I am VERY excited about this 🙂 I like Milka and when they have a new variety to try out, like when I last tried their milk chocolate with Oreo, I happily grab a bar up to try 🙂


When I found this in the store, one of the workers there told me that they, too, liked the bar and said that it’s like a chocolate bar with M&Ms in it. I was already convinced to try the chocolate bar out, and this kind of just added to my excitement since I do like M&Ms 😉


And the lady was right. This was basically the plain Milka bar with M&Ms thrown into it! I already enjoy the plain Milka bar as it is, and the extra crunchiness and color from the M&M-like candies added a fun element to the chocolate 🙂 Because of the pastel colors, I might suggest this for Easter besides for everyday consumption 😉


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