Droste Pastilles (Again)


When I first spoke about Droste pastilles I reminisced about being in college and how I loved to carry about these chocolates even during the warmer months to fix any chocolate cravings. And I believe I referred to a type of their chocolate pastilles that I especially liked. This was it. Half milk chocolate, half dark chocolate! It’s the best of both worlds combined!!!


I think what helped keep the chocolates from melting in the summer was that they were kept in a sleeve and then placed into a box. Maybe the fact that the chocolate isn’t as soft might help as well. Whatever the case, this was my go-to chocolate for running around campus and it wasn’t as quick to melt as most chocolates I had been consuming during that time. They’re the perfect size to slip into a handbag or tote too!


The reason why this half and half pastille is my top favorite is because sometimes I can’t decide whether I want the all milk chocolate or the dark chocolate pastilles. Why not choose the one that combines both chocolates so you can enjoy both flavors at the same time! Genius! Sadly so far I can only find this combination at For the Love of Chocolate in Richmond, VA. I haven’t seen them anywhere else in store 😦 I’d love to see more varieties of Droste pastilles at World Market and other stores!

I would recommend these half and half pastilles when you know someone loves chocolate, but you aren’t sure whether they have a preference for milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Any chocolate cravings will be satisfied either way with these 🙂

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