Lake Champlain


There are more Lake Champlain chocolates I will have to talk about in the future. But first, this one is my top favorite by Lake Champlain! I know, I know. It’s just plain milk chocolate. BUT! It’s very smooth, creamy and craveable 🙂

When I last went to visit a dear friend in the New England area, we stopped by the Lake Champlain chocolate factory. We got to see through a glass window into a large room where Lake Champlain made their chocolate, and it’s the ONLY factory that creates the chocolate! Isn’t it amazing that only one small factory makes all those Lake Champlain chocolate bars and bonbons that gets sent out and sold from Whole Foods and many other stores?!


Ever since I had returned from the factory, I kept craving specifically their milk chocolate bar. I would even run straight to Whole Foods from work just to get a bar or two and inhale them in one evening 🙂

There are definitely other flavors and varieties of chocolates by Lake Champlain. Google them, find their website, or wander to your closest Whole Foods to find other varieties. I highly recommend trying them out and if you love chocolate, Lake Champlain should be added to your go-to chocolate list!

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