Mini Chocolates

As usual, as I was browsing my favorite chocolate store, I grabbed several smaller chocolates that were available due to the holiday season. It also gave me an excuse to try brands I had been eyeing before but never took the plunge. I could have put these all into their own individual posts, but then I figured I would just throw them all into one large post 😉


I will definitely have more to say about chuao in the future! They have some really neat chocolate combinations that will require their own separate post at some point, but this milk chocolate bar with honey gingerbread bits would not be available all year around, so I had to try it ASAP.


I could smell the gingerbread once I opened the wrapper. The honey gingerbread bits were delightfully crunchy. A very light crunch and not hard on the teeth. Is this available in a larger sized bar?? If so, I would want one and I would immediately inhale it 🙂 I highly recommend chuao to begin with, but this one is definitely delicious!


I had seen Bissinger’s chocolate before and I might have tried a bonbon by them in the past, but I don’t think I’ve grabbed any of their chocolate bars, though these are mini bars. Bissinger’s is from St. Louis, MO, so this is an American chocolate!


The milk chocolate with holiday spice bar was very nice! I loved how smooth the milk chocolate was and the spiciness wasn’t too much nor too little. I was able to appreciate both the milk chocolate flavoring as well as the spices!

The same story goes for the dark chocolate with peppermint pieces. There was an equal balance of the dark chocolate and peppermint flavoring, though the dark chocolate didn’t seem as smooth as the milk chocolate. But then again, I tend to prefer milk chocolate over dark chocolate. Both mini bars were good! I would definitely want to try Bissinger’s again!


I believe these are called Mozart-Kugel since it reads that on the foil wrappers. The front of the plastic wrapper was a bit hard to read. According to the back of the plastic wrapper, though, it says that these are bitter dark chocolates with  praline filling, hazelnut nougat and marzipan. Correct me if I’m wrong. I had seen these Mozart chocolates before and I’ve been curious about them so this was a great excuse to pick some up anyway and try them!



Upon my first bite, I didn’t like it. So I have an immediate confession: I don’t like marzipan! This was a bit out of my comfort zone to try this chocolate knowing that it would have marzipan in it. It’s the mushy texture of marzipan that I am not in love with.

Also, my first bite was filled with the bitterness that only alcohol has, and I personally don’t like that kind of bitter taste. According to the ingredients, alcohol is supposed to be a very small part of the chocolate, but it was strong for my taste. If you like chocolates with alcohol in them, though, then you might like these.

Overall my top favorite was the chuao with gingerbread 🙂 I’d eat many more of them if I could! I would definitely explore more of Bissinger’s chocolates as well. Can’t say I’ll be going back to the Mozart chocolates, though I’ll enjoy the music instead 😉




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