Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups


I’ve had a long break between posts due to huge interruptions in life and getting sick 😦 But with the holidays upon us, I’ve now had a chance to gather more chocolate to talk about! And what’s even more exciting about the holidays is that soon ALL of the Christmas chocolate will go on sale. YAY!!!! This is one of my favorite times of the year, though not solely because of that 😉

Of course this is the time where our family is reunited, and my sister welcomed me with these little treats, Justin’s organic peanut butter cups.


I’ve had these before a while back and really liked them! They were creamy and smooth…


But sadly these peanut butter cups were somehow past their expiration. I even checked the wrappers and found that both of them were to expire next year, so technically they were supposed to be fine. But the dark chocolate cup had started to turn white, yet it still had the creamy peanut butter filling. The milk chocolate cup tasted ok… but the peanut butter filling was dry and crumbly. Both were complete turn-offs for the condition they were in.

By the way, this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten a set of Justin’s peanut butter cups and have found them in the same sorry condition. This doesn’t make Justin’s look good if their chocolate keeps showing up in a bad condition before expiration. It makes me think that their expiration date needs to be changed and/or that Justin’s needs to make some big changes to their process of making their peanut butter cups.

The fact that the first time I’ve had them they were fine (this was at least a couple of years ag0), it makes me wonder if there were some relatively recent changes that have caused this to happen. All these peanut butter cups I’ve tried had been bought at completely different locations and at different times throughout the past couple of years.

Personally I’m staying away from Justin’s until they’ve fixed this issue of their chocolate peanut butter filling going bad before their expiration date.


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