Yummy Finds at an Asian Grocery Store


I wander into Asian grocery stores every once in a while, and I decided that I wanted to talk about some of my favorite chocolate items I usually find at those places 🙂


Hello Panda might look familiar since I’ve seen them at other stores before, but I’ve mainly seen only one or two flavors available at those other stores, but there are other varieties available at Asian grocery stores. Of course my favorite is the chocolate filled kind 🙂


The Hello Panda cookies have these cute little pictures on them of Panda doing all sorts of things. You can already tell that this is a very kid-friendly snack! They have a delightful crunch to them followed by the smooth chocolatey filling. I think the crunchiness is actually what got me hooked onto these snacks 🙂


I think these are called something like chocorooms… they’re chocolate mushrooms, basically.


Just like the Hello Panda cookies, the chocorooms also have a nice crunch to them, which adds to my being addicted to them 🙂 The difference between Hello Panda and the chocorooms is that the chocorooms seem to have a better balance of cookie stuff versus chocolatey goodness.


Because of the way the chocorooms are packaged, I feel like I can’t leave a box open without the possibility of them going stale. Maybe it’s just my excuse to eat all of them at once XD I will say, always get the Meiji brand of chocorooms. I’ve tried store brand ones and they just aren’t good. There’s something about the better quality of Meiji’s chocolate that sets it apart from the rest.


I usually have a hard time finding these chocolate covered macadamia nuts, so I always grab a box whenever I see them!


I like how you peel back the foil covering to unveil little bunches of yumminess XD


Inside these bundles of yumminess there’s always one or two macadamia nuts in the middle which adds just enough crunchiness but not too much. It’s very easy to inhale the whole thing within a minute or two XD


Ok. These might be my top favorite snack out of all the others. Yes, the chocolate covered macadamia nuts are delightful to munch on, and the crunchy cookie bits of Hello Panda and the chocorooms are also equally addictive. BUT if I had a choice, I would grab these chocolate covered almonds in a heartbeat!


First you slide open the box to reveal a cluster of those shiny chocolate covered almonds.

IMG_3204Then you pop one in your mouth and while munching, get an explosion of something like hearty roasted almond flavoring mixed in with that distinct sweet-but-not-too-sweet Meiji chocolate. It’s a great combination in my opinion and the two dominant flavors seem to work together very well.

Whenever I’ve tried any product by Meiji, chances are good that I’ll like it a lot. Definitely give these chocolates a try if you are able to find them!!!



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