Harry & David


I had to make a run to Harry & David to pick up some Christmas gifts. While I was there, I asked the sales associate where their Moose Munch bars were because my mom and I absolutely love them, and whenever I’m near a Harry & David I like to grab one for myself and one for my mom. Then the associate pointed out, “We have chocolate bars too…” I was like, “REALLY?!” So of course I had to try them out!!!


Because I tend to gravitate toward milk chocolate and there were no plain milk chocolate bars available at the time, I opted for the next best option: milk chocolate + mocha. Two things I love combined into one!


Upon the first bite, there was so much mocha goodness! There was a lot of crunchiness going on too. I’m hoping this means that actual coffee bits are in the bar. Let me look at the ingredients list…

Yep. Roasted coffee beans are listed. That’s a great sign seeing that actual coffee was used and not just coffee flavoring being thrown into the mix. Though the mocha flavoring was very strong, I could still taste the sweet, creaminess of the milk chocolate counterbalancing the bitterness of the mocha.


There were no plain dark chocolate bars available, either, so I opted for the next best option, dark chocolate + sea salt.


Umm I can’t say I was in love with this one. I get it that whenever chocolate has salt in it that the consumer must be able to taste the salt, but I can’t really fully enjoy my chocolate when I taste 95% salt and only 5% chocolate. There’s too much salt going on here. I’d either want less salt or  some kind of nut in the mix as a neutral balance between the bitterness of the dark chocolate and all of that saltiness. If you love salt, though, then go all out for this one!


Overall, I’d be more willing to pick up another milk chocolate + mocha bar. Would I consider eating more than one milk chocolate + mocha bar in a sitting? Sure, why not 🙂


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